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App 社交项目开发 码市

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社交项目,主要是上架谷歌play,无其他要求,能实现主要功能即可 功能主要是用户列表、文字聊天、通话、礼物、充值功能几大模块,提供ui 接口,功能精简。

App 聊天交友app开发 码市 Recommended

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Investment: 250000 yuan (CNY) - Negotiated Hits: 1

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一款聊天聊天交友app,功能主要有:添加好友、附近的人、朋友圈等,支持安卓和苹果系统。提供本地生活服务:外卖服务,团购网,同城服务(招聘找工作,租房找房,商品买卖等类似58同城),以及其它便民服务。 需要开发独立支付系统,提供给各模块支付能力 以及对应管理后台开发 功能参考如下app,(页面布局,功能等基本一样) <http://download.mbchat.cn/#/>

App 视频类微信小程序开发 码市

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微信小程序和抖音小程序 ,迷你短剧 观看,后台可以上传视频。前端有观看页面。进去后前面的免费观看,后面是需要收费观看 有排行,分类 最新等页面 视频可以点赞 分享 转发等功能 很简单,就是可以观看视频。有些视频免费,有些需要权限

App 速必达购物的小程序开发 码市 Recommended

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简介 本项目是购物的小程序开发,并对接了第三方配送,以便用户可以实时查看商品配送情况,产品主要功能为购买、配送。 功能需求 功能包含: 商品上下架、分类页、交易功能、查看门店位置、付款,团购,设设置、搜索、设置折扣、分享、聊天等功能。 小程序架构 小程序主要有“首页”、“分类页”、“门店页”、”我的”等页面: [首页] - 包含商品、本月爆款、轮播图等功能; [分类页] - 包含侧边栏和顶部菜单、可筛选排序; [门店页] - 包含观看视频、评价、查看门店服务等功能。 [我的页] - 包含付款、查看订单、充值、团购、账号设置等功能。 每个页面都有的悬浮按钮:购物车,分享,客服三个按钮 其他具体可看图片

App Looking to buy iOS gaming app freelancer

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Investment: 600 dollars (USD) - Negotiated Hits: 5

Project keys/tags: mobile-app-development iphone-app-development swift objective-c ipad

((*** Only bid if you have an app to sell not make and your app is profitable and meets my budget***)) Thank you My project is focused around buying an iOS gaming app. I'm open to the idea of a modified version of the existing app. I'm looking for a creative, skilled iOS developer who has experience with gaming app development specifically, to help me find the perfect apps to purchase or has apps to sell. I need to buy few apps. The budget amount for each app is between 100$ and 1000$ and it depends on how many active users , downloads, monthly profit.

App App Program List and Blocked -- 2 freelancer

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Investment: 600 dollars (USD) - Negotiated Hits: 12

Project keys/tags: php java android mobile-app-development

The main application will display the application list on the mobile phone with the client application installed, and will allow or block the use of client applications. Android requires device admin and policy. Workflow is attached. Please, after reviewing the workflow, I request you to give the exact working hours.

App Applying Class Incremental Learning freelancer

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Investment: 800 dollars (USD) - Negotiated Hits: 15

Project keys/tags: python tensorflow deep-learning image-processing keras

My project is to add new custom dataset to the original one Incrementally. For example, I want to add new class while preserving other classes from previous model. The output will be a new class with the original one. To be clear, I have two classes named ( permanent teeth, primary teeth, and filling). Model 1 trained on PERM dataset ( single class) Model 2 used pre-trained from model 1 to train new class (PRIM dataset). The output should be ( two classes, PERM & PRIM). Model 3 used pre-trained from model 2 to train new class ( filling). The output after this model should be 3 classes and so on. I want to tackle the problem of catastrophic forgetting. Requirements: 1\. Using Mask RCNN or U-Net versions ( TF & Keras) 2\. Applied the continual learning approach similar to the atta...

App Need Freelance iOS developer freelancer

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Investment: 600 dollars (USD) - Negotiated Hits: 11

Project keys/tags: mobile-app-development ios-development iphone-app-development swift restful-api

Location - Nashik/Pune Price- 50k - 80k per month Experience - 4-5 years I'm looking for a freelance iOS Developer to work on a mobile app project. Specifically, I need an experienced individual who has experience with iOS app development and is well versed in the latest version of Swift 5. I'm not looking for a team of developers, as this project is relatively small and I need a single developer to create this project for me. I have some specific requirements for the project, so it is important to me that whoever takes the job has a good understanding of what I need. \- Must have hands on experience with Swift, Cocoa Touch, Pods, Core Data, Core Animation, etc. \- Experience with offline storage, RESTFUL API integration, Multi-Threading and performance tuning \- Knowledge of UI/U...

App UX UI Mobile application freelancer Recommended

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Investment: 900 dollars (USD) - Negotiated Hits: 12

Project keys/tags: android mobile-app-development graphic-design iphone-app-development user-interface-ia

My project is a UX UI mobile application with a focus on entertainment. I am looking for design assets and user interfaces to bring my idea to life. This app will make use of engaging entertainment features for its users to enjoy. I'm looking for someone with extensive experience in bringing software to the market to help develop the aspects of my mobile application.

App We want to print BOT, API for our Music Player application freelancer

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Investment: 700 dollars (USD) - Negotiated Hits: 17

Project keys/tags: python nodejs web-scraping scrapy beautifulsoup

We want to print BOT, API for our Music Player application, according to our research, it will be written with the libraries we have given below We want it to be done using the following libraries. You can send a private message for more details. Requests - PyPI BeautifulSoup Python NodeJS Scrapy PyTube

App 表单输入APP 开源众包

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App os下自动化实现pcie speed and width脚本 码市

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功能需求: 根据pcie设备挂在的bus,dev, fun读取pcie设备的speed和width,pcie cap offset 0x12h里面保存了这个device的link status,包括speed和speed,在D0状态下获取一次,在D3hot下获取一次,通过底层端获取,不能借助已有运行在pcie link上获取,这样会读取当前值失败,通过读底层端寄存器获取。

App 课程类微信小程序 码市

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希望前后端能独立完成的!! 部分一: 前台展示课程内容(视频教程) 部分课程免费。部分课程需要我们在后台给用户开通权限才能看。 部分二,产品展示区域,用户可以下单购买。 产品和配件,可以下单购买,可以点进去看详细的。程序可以做的很简约都可以,有很多成品可以参考,很多相似小程序。

App 在线教育安卓APP开发 开源众包

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App 来租机产品推广小程序开发 码市 Recommended

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Investment: 13000 yuan (CNY) - Negotiated Hits: 101

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简介: 本项目是产品推广小程序开发,旨在于为用户提供整合资源产品,产品主要功能为租赁电子产品。 功能需求: 基于微信小程序,功能包含商家入驻,合伙推广人入驻,启动引导页,账户功能,消息通知与推送。 小程序构架: 小程序主要有“热门推荐” “精选产品”“我的推广”“更多”等页面 [热门推荐] - 包含消息中心、轮播广告位、产品推荐等功能; [精选产品] - 包含优选商家产品, 点击进入产品详情页; [我的推广] - 包含收益展示、图标展示资产明细、交易记录、银行卡管理、取现等功能。

App 社交app语音房 码市

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Investment: 30000 yuan (CNY) - Negotiated Hits: 318

Project keys/tags: Not setting