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Web App and Web developer 2 -- 2 - 03/06/2023 16:26 EDT freelancer Recommended

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Investment: 1000 dollars (USD) - Negotiated Hits: 6

Project keys/tags: nodejs react-js react-native wordpress expressjs

I need a developer to work in different projects, where you will be one of two developers, creating websites or mobile apps. There are questions below that needs to be answered. I'm NOT looking for agencies or companies. I'm looking to work directly with the developer because this can be a long term relationship. The candidate should have the following knowledge: WordPress, , MySQL, Mongo DB, Node.js, React, React native, AWS & bitbucket You are going to be paid through freelancer.com by hour, therefore you should use its time tracker in order to be paid The developer should follow the directions of the product owner (me) regarding WHAT should be done, and the directions of the other developer regarding HOW to develop it. We will start with a few hours a week at the ...

Web UI/UX Designer (SaaS Web and Mobile) dribbble Recommended

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Investment: 1000 dollars (USD) - Negotiated Hits: 7

Project keys/tags: ui-/-visual-design web-design mobile-design

Hello team!We currently have a B2B SaaS platform that emphasizes learning and collaboration. The user interface of our platform is designed based on the Facebook design language. As our platform is now live and gaining traction with an increasing user base, we aim to enhance and optimize the interface further. Our goal is to simplify the user experience and give the platform a more personalized touch.Also, we're building a new mobile application and need designs for the core features (chat, calendar, tasks, forms, sign-up, onboarding, profiles, and notifications).So if you've had 3+ years of experience designing high-quality, custom interfaces for both web and mobile we'd like to hear from you.Thank you

Web Arts Website in Existing MEAN stack Project URGENT freelancer Recommended

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Investment: 1000 dollars (USD) - Negotiated Hits: 7

Project keys/tags: typescript docker oauth mean-stack

There is an existing figma design, which I am not a big fan of. Development should be an improvement on the design. Need Auth0 implementation on existing typescript based Nodejs + Mongo backend and Angular 15 frontend. Please upgrade Angular to v16. Backend is dockerized for env variables and uses AWS Fargate. At present Website has signup, login and dashboard + profile page. It uses jwt for login. Need Auth0 for frontend and backend.

Web Web-scrape: URLs for stock tickers on a website freelancer

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Investment: 700 dollars (USD) - Negotiated Hits: 12

Project keys/tags: python web-scraping data-entry

I'm looking for an experienced web scraper to collect the URLs of pages for particular stock tickers at and compile them into a CSV file. I have a specific list of stock ticker symbols that must be scraped, and I am expecting the data to be delivered in a CSV format. The project requires someone with experience in scraping to ensure accuracy and timely delivery. If you think you're up to the job, please reach out so we can discuss the details. Thank you for considering!

Web UX design changes on a web page freelancer Recommended

Data aggregation at 2023-06-04 05:09:18+08:00

Investment: 900 dollars (USD) - Negotiated Hits: 13

Project keys/tags: website-design graphic-design vue-js logo-design user-interface-ia

I am looking for a UX expert who can provide recommendations for my website that sells products/services. I want to design recommendation mainly for the landing page.I have basic content ready but it lacks the zeal. The ideal candidate should have experience in designing modern websites and should be able to customize the design to the brand identity. The website primarily targets industry professionals, so the UX recommendations should be tailored to their needs. The following are the key requirements for this project: \- Provide UX recommendations for the website to improve user engagement and increase conversions. \- Design a modern website that is customized to the brand identity. \- Ensure that the UX recommendations are tailored to the needs of industry professionals. \- Provide a detai...

Web make an html website responsive, i want to look to be perect on all mobile phones freelancer

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Investment: 800 dollars (USD) - Negotiated Hits: 5

Project keys/tags: php html website-design html5 css

I am looking for a web developer who can make my HTML website responsive. I want it to look perfect on all mobile phones. The project deadline is in 2 hours. The specific changes I want for the mobile version of my website is just responsive design. Ideal Skills and Experience: \- Expertise in HTML and CSS \- Strong understanding of responsive design principles \- Experience in optimizing websites for mobile devices \- Attention to detail and ability to ensure the website looks perfect on all mobile phones

Web Python Code freelancer

Data aggregation at 2023-06-04 02:58:21+08:00

Investment: 700 dollars (USD) - Negotiated Hits: 13

Project keys/tags: python java software-architecture

I'm searching for someone to write some Python code so I may easily and completely transfer money for my own usage. The approximate amount to be sent with a visa card is less than $1,000. The app should ask for the Visa card of the sender and recipient of the funds. The visa api is utilized by the Pyton code.

Web client and admin dashboard, php script for specific purpose freelancer Recommended

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Investment: 900 dollars (USD) - Negotiated Hits: 14

Project keys/tags: php javascript html website-design

Project Management Dashboard and PHP Script with Highly Customized User Interface and File Sharing Feature We are looking for a developer who can create a project management dashboard and PHP script for our specific needs. Our dashboard should have a customized user interface that meets our needs. The PHP script should cater to the project management needs. Our specific requirements are as follows: The model of the client dashboard should contain certain unique features which will be provided via examples. similar with the admin dashboard too. Ideal Skills and Experience: \- Strong experience in PHP development and project management systems Lavarel. \- Expertise in designing highly customized user interfaces. \- Experience in integrating file sharing features into web applications paymen...

Web Looking for a Senior Python + Selenium Developer (5 years minimum) Deadline: 24hrs freelancer

Data aggregation at 2023-06-03 23:54:19+08:00

Investment: 800 dollars (USD) - Negotiated Hits: 5

Project keys/tags: python web-scraping data-scraping selenium selenium-webdriver

There is a script which needs to be fixed and optimized. Currently it is 95% complete. I need delivery within 24 hrs. Only apply if you have 5 years of experience in Python and Selenium. The purpose of the bot is to scrape the urls provided with same css (example: 1) 2) ) and then post the images+texts to the point2homes website under user ID. This task will be performed daily to update real estate listings to the point2homes website. To do list: -Make sure all listings posted on point2homes has capital letters for address form and no unit number. Example "800 Ridge Ave" not "800 ridge ave #1" -scrape multiple urls and post them in one shot -Fix the errors on on posting to point2homes and make sure it works -Optimize the speed of downloading and uploading images...

Web openGL and c++ programmer needed freelancer

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Investment: 600 dollars (USD) - Negotiated Hits: 6

Project keys/tags: cplusplus-programming opengl

I am looking for an experienced openGL and c++ programmer to work on an advanced project. The main objective of the project is to develop an openGL project. I have a detailed list of specific requirements and features that I would like to be implemented. Programming with: C++, OpenGL, GLSL, WebGL (GLFW, GLAD, etc) 1- I give you 3 assignments templates and their solution 2- you take the solutions, understand them (ONLY under the TODOs in src file) (note that there is also (sometimes) TODO in shaders files) Make code simpler, clear names of variables and functions, easy to understand for beginner remove un necessary codes (ONLY under the TODOs) and NO plagiarism for example: there were two functions for interpolation (horizontal and vertical) but they actually have the same...

Web 害虫识别项目二次开发 码市 Recommended

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Investment: 5000 yuan (CNY) - Negotiated Hits: 63

Project keys/tags: Not setting

简介 本项目是害虫识别类产品web开发,开发者需要有相应的经验,从已有的代码了解相应的功能,开发者需要根据UI设计和已有的页面功能,完成页面的二次开发及美化,使得页面整体布局协调,无bug产生。本项目依赖于若依,了解若依的优先

Web 金融数据分析 码市 Recommended

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Investment: 50000 yuan (CNY) - Negotiated Hits: 54

Project keys/tags: Not setting

进行不同品种时间差的K线图比较: 1. 例如a品种实时数据跟b品种过去前两个月的数据比较 2. 需要技术指标时间差偏移比较 3. 不同周期图同时按照可修改的时间差数值自动对齐 4. 不同品种的涨跌幅大小不均,有的比值过大,如A+5%,B+0.5%,所以需要根据AB品种的波动性做等比缩放大等功能

Web UX/UI Designer (Web and Mobile) with Custom Highcharts, React and Sass experience freelancer Recommended

Data aggregation at 2023-06-03 20:37:28+08:00

Investment: 900 dollars (USD) - Negotiated Hits: 6

Project keys/tags: html website-design html5 css react-native

We are seeking a contract UX/UI Designer with expertise in web and mobile applications, specializing in custom data visualizations using the Highcharts library, React development, and Sass experience. As a contract designer, you will be responsible for creating exceptional user experiences through intuitive interfaces, interactive data visualizations, and seamless integration of Highcharts, React components, and Sass styles. Your proficiency in UX/UI design, Highcharts customization, React development, and Sass will be instrumental in delivering engaging solutions that empower users with valuable insights. Requirements: Proven experience as a UX/UI Designer with a strong portfolio showcasing web and mobile application projects that leverage Highcharts, React, and Sass. Proficiency in Hi...

Web 公司销售统计软件 码市

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Investment: 3000 yuan (CNY) - Negotiated Hits: 602

Project keys/tags: Not setting

1. 网页版的软件; 2.软件包含了: 销售统计,执行人员安排,每个同事的工资统计,报销统计,公司各项支出统计,公司利润统计,公司自有业务 和 外包业务的区分统计,外包业务的外包成本统计;未付尾款的客户统计,工资核对和标注(同事登录软件核对工资,有问题的地方标注出来,没有问题的 输入确认无误;) 3.开发一个工资统计,执行表,销售表, 2. 我们只用输入一次信息,自动复制到其他表格里,其他表格有: 工资统计表,执行表,销售表, 3. 我们有一个执行表,是根据日历来更新的,比如说今天是17号,17号之前的是处理过的事情,处理过的颜色是灰色的,17号之后的就是 待处理事项,就是红色的; 4. 我们把一段信息复制粘贴进去,软件会自动把有用的信息 提取到表格里,整段的信息包括: 日期,时间,地址,业务员,订单金额,客户姓名,客户是哪个公司的,客户付了多少钱定金,尾款是多少,有多少尾款没有付;(类似粘贴快递地址,直接就输入到了 XX市XX区XX街道); 7.没有付款的客户,会有颜色标注出来,或者 有一个表格里,可以查询每个月没有付款的客户; 8.软件可以自动汇总 当月的所有成本,当月的所有支出,可以算出利润; 9.我们的业务分为: 自己公司的业务 和 外包的业务,自己公司的业务 统计, 外包业务的统计,软件可以自动区分开(因为我们自己的业务利润和外包利润不一样,我们需要统计出来); 10.公司同事的报销统计,公司同事登录自己的账号,上传自己的报销截图,上传报销发票,也需要可以统计,我们可以看到大家的报销数据是否正常,可以看到出勤天数 和 报销金额,每天出勤的平均值; 我们可以根据 报销数据 分析; 11.有同事提交了报销之后,财务的账号 可以收到提醒;然后财务登录自己的账号后 查看报销信息; 12.公司的各项成本支出统计,例如:房租,工资,报销,采购设备,快递费,消耗品采购,软件开发,公司广告营销费用,这些都需要统计; 13.销售员的销售表 我们可以设置公式,自动算出销售员的工资, 14.外勤人员的外出执勤表,每天不同的客户 我们可以选择是哪位外勤人员,后续软件自动算出工资; 15.可以设置不同的账号,每个账号的权限不一样;有的账号 可以上传和修改信息,有的账号只能看信息;有的账号 只能看到一部分信息;

Web 桌面软件和网页版软件加密 码市

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Investment: 1000 yuan (CNY) - Negotiated Hits: 404

Project keys/tags: Not setting

1.会员管理系统是 网页版软件; 2.接入的软件 要比较难破解; 会员管理系统 最主要是避免软件被破解; 3.桌面软件和平板端软件 都需要加密, 4.我们开发的所有应用软件 都需要接入 会员管理平台,每个软件内部 都需要可以直接付款,每个软件的付款金额是不一样的,这个要在 会员管理平台的后台设置好; 5.对exe桌面软件进行加密, (1)源码加密,源码混淆;(一定要避免他们二次开发); (2)桌面软件加密;(防止被破解;) (3)平板端软件加密;(防止被破解;) 6.桌面软件,需要联网激活,用户可以注册账号(注册账号需要输入:昵称, 手机号码,邮箱,设置密码,用户可以重置密码),需要验证:机器码,账号(账号是邮箱/手机号码),密码, 7.会员管理系统 会有一个说明文档,让写软件的开发者 提供接口就可以了; 8.看后台数据,可以判断 用户的使用时间,找到异常在线的用户,查找用户是怎样的方式破解的; 9.会员管理平台的后台 可以创建很多个应用的管理后台,桌面软件,网页版的软件,需要都支持; 10.软件有新版本后,以前下载的用户 会收到 是否下载新软件的提醒; 1. (1)永久版的用户 会提示 永久版, (2)租赁软件的用户,软件的后台 会有一个倒计时,该激活码还有几天到期的倒计时;

Web AI自动生成漫画风格头像图片 码市

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Investment: 2000 yuan (CNY) Hits: 17

Project keys/tags: Not setting

根据输入(选定)的元素:发型、脸部、穿着、姿态,自动生成漫画头像。 另外一种逻辑是,通过提交照片,自动生成(匹配)对应的元素,然后进行拼接。 生成图片后,可以通过修改元素(比方 衣着),自动修改生成结果,且不影响其他没有变化的元素。 注明: 1,现只要求针对一种风格进行生成,只针对情侣、闺蜜这样的两人场景。具有足够自有数据集。 2,你只需实现该功能,并提供接口。前后端有其他工程师可以开发。

Web Unity Render Streaming WebRTC freelancer Recommended

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Investment: 1500 dollars (USD) - Negotiated Hits: 9

Project keys/tags: javascript c-sharp-programming react-js unity-3d webrtc

I am looking for someone to help optimize our unity render streaming app setup on aws. It has the ability to have users load builds from frontend and then receive an iframe to access the correctly deployed game. My previous dev had to leave and we are experiencing some problems. I am not a developer but understand the basic setup and requirements and can give you access to the code to work on / fix. Best is to look at this for reference: and this: @3.1/manual/